Frequently Asked Questions

What type of events are your Party Tents/Marquees or Chinese Hats hired for?
They are suitable for all outdoor events including weddings, garden parties, birthday parties, corporate events, fates, BBQ’s and more.

Do you attach the side walls and do they cost extra?
We attach the side walls unless you request otherwise. The side walls are easy to attach or remove and are always included in the price.

Do I need carpets?
This really depends on the event. If its a formal event where shoes and high heels are warn then a carpet is recommended.

Can the Party Tent/Marquee or Chinese Hat be heated?
Yes, we can provide heating should you need it. Weather can be unpredictable and it can get could in the evenings, even in summer. Feel free to speak to us about heating.

Can the Party Tent/Marquee or Chinese Hat be decorated?
Yes you can decorate the Party Tent/Marquee or Chinese Hat as long as nothing is stuck to them or any sort of marker used on them.

What are the normal set up days?
Set up days are agreed by mutual agreement.

Do you connect the electricity?
Yes, we will advise you of the safest and most effective method of providing electricity to the Party Tent/Marquee or Chinese Hat. Typically this will be sourced from an in-house main socket or power generator. We will discuss you electricity requirements with you and arrange everything so there is minimal fuss on the day.

Will there be anyone available in case of emergency?
Yes, we can leave a member of our staff on site so that they can address any problems, they are available at a reasonable rate. We always provide an emergency mobile number that we can be contacted on should you need us.

I’m not sure how many people will be able to come to the event. Will this make a difference to the size of marquee and when do I need to let you know?
Our experience has taught us that this is usually very important to you. Therefore wherever possible we will offer you the ability to add another section if you think this will work better for you. However things work out, we will endeavour to offer you this kind of flexibility right up to the last minute. In addition we can remain flexible about the furniture (such as number of chairs, table sizes etc) up to around a week before the event. Furthermore we are happy to offer you optional extras such as walkways and separate marquees over the toilets if adverse weather conditions demand this at the last minute.

Do you provide furniture?
Yes. We have a supply of round and trestle tables in different sizes and chairs in different styles. We also offer you a wide range of additional styles which we hire in. Please view the rest of our website for details or call us to discuss your requirements.

What lighting options are available?
Chandeliers: These are the most common form of lighting, run along the centre of the roof of the marquee and are controlled by a dimmer. They provide the ‘classical’ feel to a marquee.
Uplighters: These sit on the floor around the edge of the marquee, shine up at the walls and are also controlled by a dimmer. They provide a more atmospheric type of lighting. These tend to be more effective at winter events where it is very dark outside.
Spotlights: We can provide indoor spotlights to highlight features such as a cake table, a tree or a mirror ball. We can also light up outside areas, specific trees or houses with outdoor spotlights.

What options do I have for the lining?
Our standard lining is pleated ivory, white or champagne. You can personalise your marquee with coloured swags, which come in a huge variety of colours to match your colour scheme.
Increasingly popular is a starlight ceiling over all or simply the dance floor area of the marquee. These are black roof linings with twinkling fibre optic lights combined with black walls to create the effect of a starry sky.
We can also provide white or black background linings as well as themed linings such as clouds, jungles, fireworks, mountain ranges or palm beaches. Please ask about additional costs for these items.

My garden has a slope. Can I put a marquee on it?
This all depends on the degree of the slope. Our Eventfloor can be ‘packed up’ to provide a degree of levelling, generally to incorporate a fall of up to half a metre across a 6m or 9m wide marquee. A good test is to put a garden table and chairs on the slope – if they immediately won’t work then you will probably struggle. If you could just about eat a meal sitting at the table then we will probably be able to resolve it.
The alternative is for us to install a level wooden flooring on scaffolding although this obviously incurs substantial extra costs.

Can you put the marquee right up against my house so that people can walk from one to the other?
Generally yes, although this will depend on the exact layout. We are able to install gutters to ensure that walkways are always dry whatever the weather! A site inspection is always necessary for this kind of requirement.

Can you put a marquee on a hard surface such as a patio or car park?
Yes, although we still need to secure it to the ground. This can be done by drilling holes into the patio and screwing in heavy duty fixings that hold down the marquee or by weighting it. This obviously depends upon your preferences. Generally these type of fixings are less secure than the traditional stakes so we sometimes take a view depending upon how exposed the site is.

I have a tree in the middle of my lawn. Could this fit inside the marquee?
Yes, depending on its size. The highest point of a 12m marquee is around 4.5m high, and a 9m marquee is just under 4m high, so if the tree is shorter than this (and not too bushy) then it should be able to be accommodated. We would always recommend a site visit to discuss these type of issues.

Can we open the walls if it is a hot day?
Yes, we either provide window walls or walls that can be done up like curtains at no extra charge. These can be put in any wall of the marquee, which also means that you can create entrances and exits wherever you need.

Are site visits free of charge?
Yes, and we are available at evenings or weekends if that suits you better.

How long could I keep the marquee for?
Most events happen at the weekend, for which a typical scenario would be to erect on the Thursday and remove on the Monday. Depending on the amount of notice we are generally happy to give you an extra day or so at no extra cost, allowing you to arrange another party or a charity event on say the Wednesday night before or Monday night after. Our flexibility diminishes with less notice

Do you provide Toilets?
Yes. We can arrange for any kind of toilet to be delivered to a site, from a builders style portaloo to a luxury unit for a party for 500 people. Most importantly we will do all the research so that you know that you are getting the best value, particularly as we always look for the nearest supplier to minimise the delivery charges. We do not mark up these kind of ‘extras’.

Are your marquees cheaper in the summer or winter?
Due to demand we can often offer good deals during the winter months. You will need to bear in mind that these may be offset to a degree by the cost of items such as heaters, although generally we would advise anyone that you would save money by staging your event in the winter months.